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We deliver just the right on-demand consulting, strategic insights, and project leadership to meet your needs.


Project Capture

From our project interest checklist form, you can control who and what you’re looking for at all times.


Customize your project resource

After submission of the project interest checklist form, we’ll work with you on a customized approach and on-demand talent partner that will scale and support as your project demands need.



We’ll support your project efforts for the duration that you require an on-demand talent partner and even beyond as a strategic partner.


Our on-demand consulting is an ideal solution for a variety of business units, departments, and functions:

Project management

With classical training from the big firms and on-the-ground operating experience, they’ve got the skills you need to manage multiple work streams and coordinate with stakeholders.

Quality & Regulatory

Successfully navigating regulatory requirements is more than simply following the rules; it is about understanding the complexities and implications of different procedures and requirements across world markets and linking regulatory intelligence and experience with your needs. Our on-demand talent teams have deep experience in both US and in many international health agencies.

Digital Health

Digital health has opened up new ways to improve patient engagement and outcomes. Yet it’s been difficult for traditional life science companies to capture, define, and execute inclusive digital health initiatives. Rubix CS’s on-demand digital health and innovation consultants can help you identify the most promising opportunities—and develop sustainable operating models. They’ll keep you ahead of the curve with deep digital health consulting skills and on-the-ground operational experience.

Research & Development

Rubix CS’s on-demand talent team navigates the complexities of the US and International pharmaceutical industry for clients through our strategic drug development services that include analysis of commercial potential during the early stages of clinical development in parallel with regulatory planning.

Clinical Operations & Solutions

With training from top consulting firms, experience at leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and advanced degrees in chemistry and medicine, they have the clinical solutions consulting skills you need to advance the drug development process.

Healthcare Operations

Whether you’re looking to increase patient engagement or improve clinical performance, our on-demand healthcare consultants will help you put the right plan in place. With classical and dynamic training from the big healthcare institutions and firms and on-the-ground working experience, they have the skills you need to improve your cost and quality of care.


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